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Limitless Fitness was founded on a set of core principles that both define who we are and guide what we do. We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy life and we seek to teach our clients how to overcome the obstacles in their lives so they can reach their goals. 


Coaching is a working relationship between partners striving towards the same goals. We start by listening to our clients to hear about their goals, assess their needs, learn their strengths, uncover obstacles, and determine the best course of action to get there.


Every person is unique and every goal requires a different approach based on your starting point, strengths, obstacles, and resources. Once we've assessed, we will talk through the realistic time frame based on your individual situation. We limit the number of clients each coach works with because we want to get to know all our clients personally so we can better understand how to help you achieve your goals.


We believe that dogma is the enemy of progress. We don't prescribe any one nutrition strategy or training plan based on a narrow minded belief about the "right way" to eat or exercise. We think the best approach is the one that keeps you making consistent progress to your goal and evolves over time.   

results BASED 

No bullshit, no fads, no miracle pills or magic bullets, only proven methods that deliver results. We use a systematic, iterative approach where we track and measure your results at regular intervals and refine and modify your plan based on what is working and changing what is not.  


Your needs come first, and we will never make a recommendation based on what's best for us. We will only recommend things we believe in, would use ourselves, and we will be transparent with any affiliate relationships we have with any products or services we recommend.


“Jordan is a great coach and I achieved awesome results! All the workouts are clear and easy to track progress.  Best of all, the workouts are FUN!  It's worth every penny.”


AGE 42

“My biggest challenge was not the gym membership but what to do with it. I would go to the gym and do the usual cardio for an hour on the stairmaster. I learned not to be afraid of pushing past my "limit" and stretching myself. Really, the only thing you have to lose is fat!”


AGE 29

“I like that I've never done the same workout twice so boredom isn't a factor for me, and I like that the methods of working out vary as well. Some days I do barbell work, others kettlebell, and some days it’s body weight or yoga. It’s a custom program just for me."


AGE 28

“The coaches listen, give thoughtful and meaningful answers to your questions, and genuinely care about clients’ success. They will adapt to your fitness goals and provide EFFECTIVE & PERSONALIZED MOTIVATION! This is the most effective program I’ve ever tried. I've lost fat, gained muscle, and feel better now than I have in the last 10 years.”


AGE 37

“Jordan really understood my goals and was able to customize my program. Unlike other trainers, he really takes the time and energy to develop an individualized plan. Jordan helped me look and feel so much better about myself after having my second child. I saw results almost immediately. “


AGE 34

"Jordan is unique in that he’s taught me why the moves are important and how that effects my goal.  He's also very well read, and not just some dude that likes to workout. He’s changed my entire outlook on diet and exercise. Jordan is living the lifestyle and has seen spectacular results himself - if you are serious about learning to 'walk-the-talk' I'd recommend Jordan.”


AGE 40



Together we will assess your needs and what you want to accomplish, how you live, what your background is, and what drives you. Then we will create the right approach for you, assess what's working, and make adjustments based on what we learn. No cookie cutter programs, just a consistent approach where the results are the guide.










Whether you want to run a marathon, do a pull-up, or just look better naked, the right exercise program is essential to reaching your goals. We'll build you a customized program to designed to progress you safely and efficiently toward your goals.

Low carb, low fat, Paleo, Atkins, Keto, South Beach? With so many conflicting ideas about nutrition out there it's easy to get confused. We eliminate the BS, and build a healthy, sustainable approach to eating that supports your goals and fits your life.

Kettlebell sport is a sport of the people. Everyone, regardless of experience or athleticism, can benefit from kettlebell work to improve strength, elevate cardiovascular and muscle endurance, increase flexibility and mobility, and improve mental toughness and focus. Coach Jordan is passionate about kettlebell sport and can help athletes of any level.




Few things wreak more havoc on your fitness goals than traveling. From the terrible food choices at airports, to the under equipped or even non-existent hotel gym, staying on track while traveling is a unique obstacle. With the help of our resident flight-attendant & figure competitor, coach Ashley, you will be set up for success whether you're in Singapore or Spokane.





Head coach, kettlebell freak, busy dad

Hey there, my name is Jordan and I'm not your typical trainer. I've never had rippling 8 pack abs, and I haven't always been fit and active. Like a lot of people I've struggled with my weight throughout my life.


I grew up as a "fat kid" who was teased a lot for being big. I was always big, and no matter how fit I am, I'll always be big. I had to work on accepting that, but I ended up using my size to my advantage playing offensive line on my high school and college football teams.


But once my playing days were over, I got HUGE. I partied too much, ate crappy food, smoked half a pack of cigarettes a day, and took a high stress job. At one point, I was almost 375 pounds and hated seeing pictures or looking in the mirror. I was embarrassed and ashamed.

In 2006, I got engaged to the love of my life and decided I was not going to hate how I looked in my wedding pictures. We started training together on a fat loss program I designed, which helped me lose over 60 pounds in six months!


This kick started a transformation process that would see me lose over 100# over the course of a year and half, and kindle a deep passion for training and helping others who've struggled with weight loss achieve lasting results. 

I've now been training & coaching since 2008, earned multiple certifications, and worked with hundreds of people from different backgrounds with various goals. As a busy dad of 2 young kids, I know how difficult it can be to find the time for yourself. My focus is working with each unique individual to build customized, sustainable lifestyle plans that fit your goals and your life.


Don't just achieve fast results. Achieve LASTING results.


Figure competitor, world traveler, military wife

Hey, I'm Ashley and I am here to tell you that you don't have to fit in anyone else's box. You don't have to be any one thing. You can love food and fitness, you can be strong and feminine, you can travel the world and stay in great shape while doing it.  You can write your own rules; you can define yourself.


I'm a lot of things; military wife, flight attendant, award winning chef, figure competitor,  fitness coach, and more.


I'm passionate about health and fitness because it has been a part of my life for a long time, it has been a refuge during my most challenging moments, and I've used it to help make me into who I wanted to be. It has also brought me closer to the most important people in my life; my family, my husband, and some of my best friends. SHOUT OUT TO MY SWOLEMATES!!!

As a professional flight attendant, I spend a lot of time on the go traveling the world, living out of suitcases, and staying in hotels. I know first hand the challenges of being a road warrior who wants to stay healthy and fit. I can show you how you can overcome any obstacles to make fitness fit your life.

I want to share my passion with others so you can live a happier, healthier life, and one that you design for yourself. 

No gimmicks, no BS. No "cleanses", juice fasts, expensive miracle supplements, or protein shake only meal plans. I will help teach you how you can eat, train, get amazing results, and still LIVE YOUR LIFE.

Don't just achieve fast results. Achieve LASTING results.



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